How Different SEO Helped Red8 Interactive Boost Organic Traffic by 75%

Premium web development company, Red8 Interactive came to us with a desire to upgrade their web presence and build a captive audience to consume their content.

How Different SEO Helped Red8 Interactive Boost Organic Traffic by 75%



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Key Points

  • Red8 Interactive, a custom web development company, produced great content for their audience, but it was not enough to generate more visitors and leads through their blog.
  • Different SEO helped Red8 Interactive optimize the existing content, develop a comprehensive SEO strategy, and create new content to build their online presence.
  • In just a few months, the corporate blog took off in the SERPs, leading to a massive increase in organic traffic, leads, and sales.

The Challenge

The company’s blog content delivered a lot of value to the reader but was not performing well in the SERPs.

The owner of the company was creating a lot of content, but his time was being drained by writing blogs with little to no payoff - the corporate blog was driving very little traffic and failing to generate any leads for the business.

Trying to get to the bottom of the problem and come up with an effective strategy to expand their online presence, the company called in for Different SEO.

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Red8 trusted Different to provide a customized strategy that would fit their business in a cost-efficient manner.

To help our client reach their highest potential, our team came forward with a multi-phase optimization strategy designed to turn things around for the company:

  • Comprehensive Content Audit 
  • Content Optimization
  • Content and SEO Strategy
  • Content Creation

Before making any drastic changes, our team needed to get a clear understanding of why the high-quality content published on the website was not ranking as high as it could in organic search.

An exhaustive content audit accurately identified the problem sabotaging the SEO performance of the blog posts - we found that a significant portion of their content was cannibalizing the other pages.

Armed with hard data, the team at Different SEO was able to execute a cascade of web copy updates to successfully fix the keyword cannibalization issues and capitalize on untapped SEO opportunities through content optimization.

Once the existing content was optimized, Red8 Interactive received a data-driven SEO and content strategy and a series of new blog posts to effectively move the blog in the right direction.